Candle Wick & Wax Additive


We have been constantly comparing our candle wick with German and American ones, and continuously improving the chemical treatment recipe of our wicks. Some clients say that our wicks burn even better than German Wedo and Heinz Jansen. Our wicks curl slightly when burning, minimizing carbon buildup. Our wicks are made of pure cotton and bleached. We currently have twisted wicks, flat-braided wick, paper core round wicks and plastic core round wicks. Here is our wick chart for your reference. Please choose the wicks you need.

We also supply pre-tabbed wicks, which are coated with high melt wax. The wax coating on the wick makes the candle easier to light, and also helps the wick stand up straight inside the pool of liquid wax that is formed as the candle burns. Our wick curls slightly when burning, minimizing carbon buildup. We have pre-tabbed wicks for tealight, votive and pillar, and are glad to custom make wicks for you according to your candle. We have been in this line since 1982, and are glad to share with you our knowledge and suggest the most suitable wick for you to use.


Our wax additive is originally developed for our own candle production. Due to the request of our clients who have tried it, this additive is now available for sale. This additive not only hardens the wax, but also dramatically raises the melt point of the wax. It helps to make the candles shiny and colors bright. If you are interested, shoot us an inquiry.



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