Wick Tab & Tealight Cup




Our wick tabs are made of galvanized steel sheet, which is not only shiny, but also corrosion proof. There are 3 base diameters for your choice: 12.5, 14, and 19.5 mm, which can be used in tealight, votive, pillar candle and container candle production. The collar height is 4 mm, high enough to extinguish the flame before it gets too close to the glass base.

We have two types of tealight cups£º clear PC and aluminum.

Our clear PC tealight cups are flame retardant. They are in various shapes: round, square, star, heart, sea star, strawberry, apple, moon, bear, butterfly, etc. Please drop us a mail for our latest catalog of PC t-lite cups. We are adding more designs each yar.

Our aluminum tealight cups are usually made of aluminum sheet, which is 0.07-0.08 mm thick. We have cups for tealights of 7 g, 10 g, 12 g, 13 g, 14 g, 16 g, 17 g, 20 g, 23 g, 36 g, etc.





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