< We are specialized in tealight candle, votive candle, floater candle, pillar candle, polycarbonate candle mould, candle wick, wick tab, tealight cup, candle machine, wax melter, wick waxing machine, wick crimping machine, crayon label wrapping machine, etc.

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SJZ Candle Factory is a leading Chinese manufacturer of candles, candle wicks, wick tabs, tealight cups, polycarbonate candle molds, candle making machines, wax melter, wick crimping machine, wick coating machine, textile wax roll machine, crayon label wrapping machine and crayon moulding machines. With the help of the state of the art technology, advanced management and an experienced product research & development team, it has been developing fast since 1996. 

The year of 2015 has brought two nice surprises to our clients. We have set up an export company to deal with our quickly developing export business. The name of new export company is Hebei Supercandle Trading Co.Ltd. We have also joined hands with one local salt company to manufacture water softener salt, using the modified rotary candle pressing machine.

The products listed here are by no means complete. Our engineers are constantly developing new products. Therefore, if you are searching for a specific product not shown here, please send us your request. We shall do our best to satisfy you. 

We welcome all orders, big or small. Customer's satisfaction is our goal.

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Water Softener Salt

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